Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world
— Nelson Mandela



  Why Women?

Education sets in motion a virtuous spiral: girls and women gain greater knowledge, skills, self-confidence and capabilities, improving their own life prospects—and, in turn, an educated woman provides better nutrition, health care, and education for her family. Education enables a woman to take greater control of her life and gain inclusion in decision-making processes, which unleashes her potential to contribute socially and economically to her family’s and community’s well being.


The Her Blessons Project, 

free mentorship, workshops & scholarship programs

Free Mentorship - "What's Your BS?"

 "What's Your Blessons Story?",  is a safe blogging community where women empower each other by sharing their stories of blessings that were inspired from challenging life lessons as an additional resource of mentorship for women.  Do you have an empowering story to share? Join the "What's Your BS" Campaign by checking out our Women Empowering Women Community!

Free Educational & Wellness Workshops

Blessons is dedicated to empower women through personal and professional development workshops while building their self-confidence and challenging them to discover and fulfill their true potential through several diverse events within our free Community Engagement Program.                           

Blessons Scholarships for Women Awards

Blessons Scholarship Awards are unique where G.P.A. is not a deciding factor and may often function as the only source of support for women who have had their higher education interrupted due to challenging life lessons and where no other granting and scholarship organizations may exist or are accessible in it’s nature.